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All In for the Franchise System

In 2023, a total of 49 new members were elected to Virginia's General Assembly. Come January, we'll have 33 new members of the House of Delegates and 16 new Senators. Plus, over 140 members will have served less than four years.

With so many freshmen legislators, it is our obligation to enlighten this group on the franchise system.

Many new legislators took on heavy expenses from their campaigns, and our support goes a long way toward helping them focus on issues and retire those debts. Money doesn’t buy votes, but it does give us access to talk about the important issues impacting the auto industry.

We need every member of VADA to contribute to our PAC, including Dealership Owners, General Managers, Dealer Operators, Parts and Service Directors, Finance and Insurance Managers, and Used/New Car Managers. Whether you are an owner, GM, or principal, give to the PAC. Forward this message to your leaders and have them give, too. Even a few dollars from sales or service members is appreciated. If every one of Virginia’s 61,000 retail automotive employees gives, consider the impact.

Invest in your future by contributing to the Virginia Auto & Truck Dealers PAC

Our dealerships rely on a strong, united voice to tell our story to elected officials who craft the regulatory rules of the road impacting our stores. Every dealership role, from owners and general managers to salespeople and technicians, depends on the pro-business environment that comes from supporting candidates who value the work our industry does every day in keeping customers on the road, creating jobs, and serving as an economic engine for Virginia.

Securing pro-dealer laws and regulations takes hard work, and it's a fight we can't win unless we have your investment to help elect candidates who support our industry. Please give to the Virginia Auto & Truck Dealers PAC and help us continue on the road to success.


Chris Lindsay
PAC Chairman
Lindsay Automotive

Governor's Club

The Virginia Auto & Truck Dealers Governor's Club is reserved for those Association members who give, separate from dues, at least $2,000 in an initial year and $1,500 each year thereafter. See the Virginia dealers who have given to the PAC for 2023.

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It's time to give in 2023!

Give to the Virginia Auto & Truck Dealers Political Action Committee. Simply fill out the contribution form below. If you prefer to pay by check, please download this form and mail to: P.O. Box 5407, Richmond, VA, 23220.

Have Questions?

Contact Natalie Toler via email or at (804) 545-3035.

Contributions are not tax deductible. Corporate contributions are permitted.

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